Punctuality rant!

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Just a quick rant about attitude and  puntuality in service based businesses!

You sometimes need to be on the recieving end of really bad service to really appreciate how particular the team at Gosh Hair Studio are about punctuality. 

I had a  follow up appointment with a dentist, so I went 30 minutes early one morning so I could be back in time for my first client. Nothing to diffcult you would think and it wouldnt have been if they hadn’t have assured me that I would be in and out of my appointment as I was the first patient. I arrived early and I saw the receptionist and was told to have a seat and thats when it all went wrong. For the next 40 minutes I sat until I went to enquire about what was happening and I was told to have a seat and the dentist would only be 10 minutes. I asked if there had been a emergency and she said that there hadn’t. I told the receptionist that I had to go to work and basically my morning had been a complete waste of time! At no time did she apologise or make any type of explanation for the inconvenience. I ended up having to leave the dentist surgery without seeing the dentist.

At Gosh Hair Studio we are incredibly proud of our own punctuallity and prompt service. We realise that your time is important and that you have a busy life and you will not be left unattended and wondering what time you will be finished at the salon. Your needs and schedule are our priority!

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