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gosh 01 Sep , 2018 0 Comments Hair Trends general

If you live in Brisbane then you have most like with your share of hair frizz at one time or another. Even the best behaving hair can turn into an unruly mess at the first sign of humidity. AGI ONE is not a keratin based product, this ground breaking product releases nanoparticles directly into and onto the hair shaft to smooth and condition the hair. The dual action technology starts repairing the hair form the inside while creating a protective layer on the outside. This product offers many benefits in that there is NO 48 WAITING TIME, it has longer lasting results, shorter processing time and NO FORMALDEHYDE and you have silky smooth hair in just 1.3 hours. We highly recommend this products to our customers! Check out our before and after photographs of one our recently tamed clients!

before smoothing treatment      AGI ONE SMOOTHING TREATMENT AFTER SHOT